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A web-based software designed for chefs and restaurant managers, helping them understand their outlet’s performance by visualizing the complete menu engineering process, allowing them to make the right changes.

Software Features

Save your precious time by taking advantage of The Menues.

Recipe Module

Streamline recipe management with our item and recipe module, ensuring consistent calculations for every dish.

Pricing Module

Optimize your menu’s pricing strategy, achieving a balance between profit and food cost, with three pricing strategies.


Menu Module

Craft menus that captivate diners with our menu module, which guides you in choosing a suitable design for your outlet.

Analytics & Reports

Harness the power of data to make informed menu decisions, offering a clear path to menu planning.

Package Plus

Our premium feature for package creation, empowering you to set specific criteria and effortlessly generate packages.

Real Feedback

Setting us apart from other software options, we offer personalized feedback from industry experts on your data.

How does it work?

Save your precious time by taking advantage of The Menues

Step 1

Create items.

Step 2

Combine items to create recipes.


Enable your menu

Focus on the daily operations of your establishment, giving you more time to focus on your staff and customers.

Step 3

Create prices for recipes.

Step 4

Combine recipes to create menus.

Unlimited Recipes

Create, experiment, and innovate without boundaries. The unlimited recipe feature for chefs and restaurateurs.

Step 5

Input sales data to generate reports.

Step 6

Receive feedback from experts, apply the changes.

Software Showcase

Unveil the capabilities of The Menues through our immersive Software Demo session. Our experts are ready to guide you through the features, functionalities, and advantages of our software solutions. Interact with the interface firsthand, ask questions, and witness the potential of our product.


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