Commission Policy

Our commission structure aims to balance the growth of The Menues with the rewards that sales representatives can earn. We appreciate the hard work, dedication, and results that our sales team brings to our organization, and this structure aligns with our mutual success. This commission structure policy outlines the compensation plan for sales representatives and serves as a foundation for ensuring transparency, motivation, and fairness in the compensation process. It’s important to regularly review and adapt the policy to align with the company’s goals and market conditions.



At The Menues, we value the contributions of our sales team in driving the growth and success of our software. To reward and motivate our sales representatives, we’ve established a competitive commission structure designed to benefit both the company and our dedicated sales professionals.

Commission Model:

Straight Commission

Commission Rates:

– Yearly Plans: 10% for every yearly subscription deal successfully closed.
– Monthly Plans: 5% for each monthly subscription deal successfully closed.

Performance Review:

– A performance review will be conducted every six months to assess the sales team’s performance. Top performers may be eligible for increased commission rates.


– To be eligible for commissions, the client must remain subscribed for one month for both monthly and yearly plans, after that the deal is considered closed.
– Commissions will be calculated based on the deal’s actual payment or activation.

Payment Schedule:

– Commissions will be paid 30 days after the actual payment or activation of the subscription.

Policy Updates:

– The Menues reserves the right to update or modify the commission structure policy at any time, and any changes will be communicated to the sales team in advance.

Policy Version 1.0 – Last updated on 30th October 2023


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